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What will your 2017 be?

So here we are. 2017 you have arrived, and you are welcomed with open arms. Many of us left 2016 in the dust thankful that it was finally over. So many shock moments from surprise electoral winnings to sad losses and attacks on humanity that kept us glued to various social media streams. For me, 2016 felt like it went by with the bat of an eyelid in comparison to previous years. It could just be that I am getting older and keeping up with the increasing pace of the world makes time seem fleeting. All I know, is each...

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20yrs in Retail!

The entire month of August has been full of celebrations and ponderings of what it actually means to be 20yrs old in retail. In human years, I feel like I have only ever been on two sides of twenty. As a young child I would always say “wow, 20 is so grown up”, and now in my end thirties it seems so young and I have moments of wishing I was 20 again! Twenty is an interesting age. You really start feeling like an adult at twenty. You think you know everything about everything at twenty. The world is at...

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Making My Home

So here we are... Autumn is in the shadows of the once coloured trees and winter is laid out before us in 3 in-stall-months of Cold, VERY cold and in the last month it’s a little less cold, so now you can start looking forward to spring. I don’t know about you, but I for one am a summer baby. Oh South Africa is such a great country to live in during these seasons. Let’s not lie, we have it easy during the cold months in comparison to some other countries out there. With clear blue skies above us, all...

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The Mother of all Inspiration

Human beings are known to be selfish creatures. The least selfish of these creatures I believe, would be the Mother variant. Once a woman becomes a Mother, her selfish ways are put behind her and she only has one focus. Her Child. Granted, this is not 100% true for every variety of Mother. There are bad Mothers out there after all, but I am here to talk about the good ones. As a tender new born, we are one hundred percent reliant and in need of our Mothers touch and care. She feeds us, she clothes us, and she gives...

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Death, Taxes and... Work!

You’ve all heard that saying "In this world, there is nothing certain, but death and taxes". I would like to add one more item to that sentence. Work. So I know there is a small percentage of the population that don’t have to work due to having enough wealth to sustain them. And then we have the odd hippie that decides they want to live in a cave off the land. That’s great for them, but for the majority of the human population, work is something we can't decide not to do. Work = Money, which in turn = food,...

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